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Incredible Start page with live wallpapers

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Virtual window into reality

What is Live Start Page?

Live wallpaper? Yeah, you heard that right. The ultimate live wallpaper right in your favorite browser. By traveling in your mind deep into a tropical forest or a seaside you can have a nice mind-relaxing rest in the middle of a working day. Enjoy stunning views of the planet's most distant and unexplored corners without leaving your computer! Or maybe you would like to recharge at the energy of burning flames by going for the fire theme? Let yourself have a break from the mundanity of everyday work, allowing your eyes to relax and your brain to be fueled with positive emotions. The new Live Start Page makes all this very real!

Comfortable and easy to use

Our app is only very lightweight, thanks to which Live Start Page does not affect the speed of your computer or browser and is very modest in terms of memory consumption, unlike the popular live wallpapers. To fully appreciate it, you just need to install this add-on on your browser. Just a few minutes are required to download and install, but the pleasure you get from that point on will last for as long as you wish

Make your browser alive!

More than 500 live themes

For every taste, mood, weather and age!